Punsk: Lithuanian's recreation centre

Punsk’s recreation centre is working since 1956 year. They have barn theatre, children art studio "Puniukai", dancing group "Vyčiai"choreographic “Jotvos” rally, mixes “Dzūkijos“ chorus, barn theater and village choir “Klumpė“. They participate in all kind of events and popularize our culture in Poland. Oftenly manage to get leading places. They participated in VIII World Lithuanian dance festival in Hamilton(Canada), three times participated in Singing event in Vilnius, in 1993 they participated in folklor festival in France, since 1993 theatre participates in Lithuanian theratre gatherings. In 1998 village choir “Klumpė“ was in tour across United States of America and Canada. All rallies often appear in Lithuanian towns. They are often filmed by Polish and Lithuanian television, recorded in radio.
New members are always welcome, especially youth.


- "Jotva"




- "Dzūkija"





- "Klumpė"




- "Puniukai"




- "Vyčiai"




- Barn theatre



Event calendar:
March – Kids theatre festival
May – Mothers day concert
July – barn theatre festival
August – folklore evenings during assumption
October – All soul’s day concert
November - National minority gathering

Director - Asta Pečiulienė

Kovo 11 g-vė 17, 16-515 Punskas
tel./fax +48 875161032
e-paštas: pkultura@o2.pl

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