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 Lyceum of Punsk is the only school in Poland that teaches in Lithuanian language. Same class was being made in 1954/55 but only few candidates appeared, 1955/56 there was 15 candidates, they didn’t get Lithuanian class name but they learn Lithuanian language as a subject. These how first steps were made in organizing Lithuanian lyceum in are of Punsk-Seinai-Suwalki.

Very important date for lyceum is 1992 March 11th. This is the date when lyceum got they honorable Marc 11th name.
Lyceum of Punsk has two types of schools inside. One is ordinary lyceum and the other one is profile lyceum. Kids study here three years. At the moment there is 76 kids in ordinary lyceum and 48 in profile lyceum.

We not only studying in this school, there’s also a lot of after class activities. There is mixed chois lead by Jonas Pavilionis. We just got name „Pašešupių“.We attend not only in Punsk but also in foreign

Director - Irena Marcinkevičienė

Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących,
ul. 11 Marca 16,
16-515 Puńsk,
woj. Podlaskie, Polska
tel: +48 875161080

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