Punsk: Geography

In Punsk’s and Seiniai‘s region temperature is lower than average temperature in Poland, winters are longer and lower amount of precipitation than in all Poland. The average temperature of this region is around 6 C°. The coldest months are January and February (-5 C°), while the warmest month is July (17 C°). Average wind speed is around 4-5 m/s.

The biggest river in this region is Seina (pol. Marycha). It’s length is 81 km. This river in this region has 3 affluent: Ðalèia (length 13 km.), Akuotė (length 11 km.) and Rubeþanka (length 6 km.).

In this region lakes are quite young, about 10-13 thousand years. The biggest one is Galadusis, it’s width is 737ha. length 10,6 km. and 55 m deep. There are six islands in this lake, which take about 8,5 ha lake‘s width. The second biggest lake in this area is Alnas. His width – 158 ha, and it’s 15m deep. Of course there are more lakes which are diffuse in all region.

Fauna and Flora
In this region you can meet a lot of different animals and birds such as elks, beavers, woodpeckers, deer’s, wolf’s, hares, boards, lizards, thrush’s, nightingales, lapwings, frogs and so on.

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