Publishing House

In 1990m. printing house was bought of resource of Polish culture department. In 1993 was established publishing house “Aušra” , which director was S. Birgelis.

Publishing house has a tradition to organize “Poetry spring” with famous Lithuanian’s poets and prosiest how came from all Lithuania. Also publishing house organize the bigest festivals and jubilee in Punsk region.

This publishing house Offered service:
Writes texts, rewrites diplomas’ and other works (Lithuanian, polish lang.)
Layout’s magazines, books, booklets and other publications
Translates texts (Lithuanian, polish lang.)
Prints books, magazines and other publications

Director - Romas Vitkauskas
Assistant - Sigitas Birgelis

ul. Mickiewicza 23, 16-515 Puńsk
tel : (48) 87 5161410; 87 5161517
tel./faks. (48) 87 5161049; 87 5161416
email: ,
REGON 790127214
NIP PL 844-000-82-28
Bank PKO S.A. O/Suwałki Nr 91124018481787000020757256


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