The oldest Lithuanian organisation is the Lithuanian Society of Poland [Lenkijos lietuvių draugija] which was re-established on the basis of the Lithuanian Public Cultural Society in 1992. The society operates in the fields of education, culture, monument preservation and publishing. The Lithuanian periodical Aušra has been published since 1960. The Lithuanian St. Kasimir Society [Šv. Kazimiero draugija] with its headquarters in Seinai opened on 25 May 1990. The society’s aim is to maintain and carry on the traditions of the St. Kasimir Society which worked in Poland before World War II, i.e. to care for and educate young people. The Society has 458 members and is divided into eleven units. The Lithuanian Community in Poland [Lenkijos lietuviu bendruomene, LLB] was launched on 1 April 1993. Its development and aims were influenced by the changes taking place in Poland at that time. The LLB unites the Lithuanian organisations, institutions for education, culture and other fields. It carries out its work in Poland and seeks to better represent the minority’s interests in Poland and Lithuania and to represent the Lithuanian community all over the world. The Lithuanian Youth Association in Poland [Lenkijos lietuvių jaunimo sąjunga] belongs to the LLB but acts independently. The Lithuanian Society for Ethnic Culture [Lenkijos lietuvių etninės kultūros draugija] was founded in 1997.

Lithuanian's in Poland